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La Bella Cosa! Where do I begin…? After the ordeal we've experienced over the past 3+ months, I'm compelled to write this review.

On April 1, 2012, my sister and I bought FOUR identical dining chairs (that's 8 total) that cost $600 a piece or over FIVE THOUSAND dollars.

I must say, the owners Brian and Heidi Adler were very helpful during the "BUYING" process. Their smiles and laughter was most evident, while we placed our nearly six thousand dollar chair order.

Unfortunately, when my sister and I placed our order, we never expected what we would experience in the following 3 months. The amount of aggravation we experienced from this store was outrageous and all Yelpers should be aware of La Bella Cosa

Oh by the way, the owner, Heidi Adler said that this was the first time in owning their store, La Bella Cosa that someone bought EIGHT identical dinner room chairs at the same time.

Given we were the first in their 14+ year history of owing their store, that such an order was placed, my sister and I assumed that the manufacturing and delivery process would be as seamless as the buying process. BOY WERE WE WRONG.

Unfortunately for us, the fun ENDED with the buying process. Not only were the chairs not delivered in the 4-6 week time frame that Heidi promised, but when they were delivered at the 7 week mark, SIX of the CHAIRS WERE DAMAGED Yes, that's right SIX of the chairs, was DAMAGED or DEFECTIVE.

SIX of the chairs had such significant PROBLEMS, i.e. DEFECTIVE WOOD, POOR STAINING AND SLOPPY UPHOLSTERY work that I wouldn't accept these chairs if they cost $100 a piece let alone they're one of La Bella Cosa's "FLAGSHIP" CHAIRS.

Rather than bore the reader with the countless phone calls to Heidi over the past 2+ months to rectify this situation, it took until JULY 4th, that's right, Independence Day to freed of this aggravation and finally have all eight chairs.

These chairs did NOT come from Italy or Europe, they were manufactured in Los Angeles, and yet it took THREE MONTHS to deliver all chairs. OUTRAGEOUS!

Oh by the way, when Heidi and her husband delivered the chairs (in multiple deliveries) they EXCLAIMED that in 14 years they have never been to someone's house 4 times.

Well, since my sister and I have never bought SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR CHAIRS before, we were outraged that it would take over 3 months and five deliveries to finally deliver chairs without gauges, poor staining, black marks, amateur sanding and shoddy upholstery work. Unbelievable!

Despite being paid nearly SIX THOUSAND dollars Brian would arrive and like a mute wouldn't even say hello. Very different from the buying process when he was so effervescent. Heidi enjoyed hiding behind her sun glasses, rather than apologizing for making us rearrange our schedule on not once, but five times to finally take delivery of our chairs.

As I've remodeled my place, I've bought thousands of dollars of furniture from various stores and NONE were like La Bella Cosa. Deliveries on time, furniture was in pristine condition and NO ATTITUDE from the owners. How dare them!

My sister and I chose to buy at La Bella Cosa instead of HD Buttercup or countless other large furniture stores, because we like to shop at owner operated stores and not just large ones.

We will NEVER shop at La Bella Cosa and I advise any folks to do so, to use a designer and not come in as a retail buyer. Maybe the designer will have a relationship with Brian and Heidi so that the delivery process is as enjoyable as the buying process. Who knows…?

Or better yet, check out all of the furniture in HD Buttercup, or the many furniture stores on Melrose Ave and Beverly Blvd near the Design Center or on La Brea Ave.

We will NEVER shop at La Bella Cosa again.

Just received our last chair! No I'm sorry for all of the inconvenience, no thank you for your business….

The owners Brian and Heidi Adler left like we were supposed to accept their defective chairs and be satisfied. Don't think so!

Happy July 4th…. Hallelujah!!!

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